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Welcome to Emmett! We're a Philadelphia restaurant blending Levantine cuisine with elements from around the greater Mediterranean, highlighting French, Italian, North African, and Middle Eastern flavors. Our à la carte and tasting menus offer a diverse rotation of crudos, fresh pastas, coal-roasted proteins, and pastry-driven desserts. Complete your experience with featured natural wines and culinary-driven cocktails from the bar.

We emphasize local connections, collaborating with Philly artisans for ceramics, glassware, and interior design, with the goal of cultivating community relationships and staying true to the city of Philadelphia.

Chef Evan Snyder, of Michelin Star kitchens like Bresca and Blue Duck Tavern, leads the culinary team, while Julian van der Tak, from esteemed Philly restaurants like Vernick Fish and Jean Georges, manages operations.

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